Young Adults Thrive on the Challenge of Martial Arts Training

Parents bring their children to us for many reasons; sometimes the children themselves want to be Wrestlers, MMA Fighters, Karate Kids or a Power Rangers and that’s ok because they will develop tremendous physical skills. But as a parents you want much more than that for your child: you want a child who exudes confidence and self discipline, a child who knows how to behave in public, is not afraid or intimidated by bullies, has the confidence to speak his mind and make the right choices.

We want that too; to encourage a strong sense of confidence and self discipline in children; to teach them how to become a leader and not a follower; to become the type of person you would want him or her to be. And whilst the kids are having a great time being the next Bruce Lee they are learning the real life skills that our martial arts schools teach.

We have broad experience with children of all types, skills and abilities from the very gifted to those with challenges to overcome. We have experience with conditions such as ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Epilepsy, Asthma, Anger problems, Shyness, as well as those who may be overly boisterous or whose behaviour is causing problems at home or at school.

Bullying - we have the cure!

Bullying is a major concern today for parents and teachers. It can range from occasional intimidation to a regime of violence; often children will blame themselves and even parents and teachers can be powerless to end the trauma that a child can be subjected to. With martial arts training we can help to end the nightmare and bring the bullying to an end, often without resorting to physical violence. No responsible parent wants their child to learn to sort their problems out using violence but neither do they want their child to suffer at the hands of another. With our training your child will become ‘bully-proof’; that is they will exude a new confidence and self respect that projects outwardly so that bullies no longer view them as an easy target. Our programmes will help your child grow into a responsible adult aware of the needs of others and with the discipline and self control to make their own way in the world without having their lives made a living hell by another individual just because they are bigger and stronger.

Abduction Awareness

Every parent is keenly aware of the dangers of child abduction. The media swings into action each time a child goes missing for a few hours and rightly so. We can all remember occasions where the abduction of a child has led to tragedy yet we cannot keep our children with us all the time. The only answer is to equip your child with the skills and knowledge to protect them from potential abductors. In our schools we teach children how to recognise the different approaches that abductors use to trick children away from their parents. We teach children strategies of escape, evasion and avoidance to ensure their safety. Armed with this knowledge reinforced through practice you can be as certain as is possible that your child has the knowledge they need to protect themselves from the real danger of abduction.

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