Ninja Tots

between 3 and 6 years old are often forgotten when it comes to martial arts training. They are too small to safely join a full class, but they need and benefit more than most from the interaction, coordination and behaviour management that martial arts training deliver. 


So we have carefully constructed our ‘Ninja Tots’ childrens martial arts program designed specifically for ‘pre-schoolers’ and ‘junior schoolers’. Kids at this stage have more distinct needs in terms of cooperation, confidence, coordination and behaviour management but it is difficult to fit them into our mainstream classes safely. However, that’s all changed with the introduction of our ‘Ninja Tots’ Program. Our ‘Ninja Tots’ program will prepare your child for the ‘great outdoors’, teaching them the essential life skills to help them fit into school smoothly and without stress. Here’s a taste of what they’ll learn:


Courtesy & Respect - Balance & Coordination

Focus & Concentration - Cooperation & Self Control 

‘Ninja Tots’ Childrens Martial Arts Training will also develop strong young bodies; a deep foundation of health to carry them into adulthood as well balanced, happy people equipped to cope when you’re not around.


As with all our programs we offer a Free test drive – a Free private lesson with one of our fully qualified Black Belt instructors who will assess what you want your child to achieve so we can match you goals with our ‘Ninja Tots’ Program. If you like you can take a further Free 30 day trial or get started straight away we’ll give you a £100 off our 6 month ‘Ninja Tots’ Program.

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