What is AEGIS?
What is the AEGIS System?

The main consideration in choosing a martial system should be based less on which style to study as often styles are just that, styles, different ways of achieving the same end.

Our Aegis System has developed over the last 30 years to give you the best of everything. Providing you with an extreme well rounded ultimate martial arts system for use in combat (self defence) and life.

The AEGIS system is influenced by:

  • Karate, a traditional Japanese System known for its powerful kicks and hand strikes
  • Tae Kwon Do, a traditional style of martial art from Korea known for its devastating and acrobatic kicking skills Kickboxing, a massively popular sport and self-defence system using fast, flowing kicks and punches
  • Ju Jitsu, an ancient Japanese martial art using mainly wrestling techniques, locks, holds, strangles and throwing technique
  • Aikido, a useful defensive style and passive in its approach. Uses opponents strength and weight against them
  • Krav Maga, an exciting and fast modern martial art. Outstanding defences against attack with weapons and used by special forces
What does AEGIS mean?

AEGIS for us stands for:

  • Attitude - it is your attitude, not our aptitude that determines your altitude  
  • Expectation - we don't get what we want, wish or hope for. We only get what we confidently expect
  • Game plan - proper planning prevents poor performance
  • Implementation - nothing happens until something moves
  • Study - the more you know, the easier it is to know more

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